As the Caribbean moved swiftly into the age of high technology SERVOL soon realised that unless the young people who came to our Programmes were Computer Literate, they would find it more difficult to seek employment and would forever remain "hewers of wood and drawers of water".

In 1994, SERVOL approached the Inter-American Development Bank for a Grant to set up three (3) Hi-Tech Centres to provide programmes in Computer Literacy, Electronics and Digital Electronics as advanced courses to our skills training programme. These Centres have now been established in Barataria, Chaguanas and La Romain, and cater for all SERVOL trainees who have completed their Adolescent Development and skills training programmes.

The courses provided include computer literacy, basic book-keeping, small business training, electronics, computer repairs and digital electronics.

In addition, the programme offers enhancement sessions to help prepare students for the world of work and a job training programme where all students enter the work place for a period of six (6) months. During this time their performance is monitored by Job Training Officers and many students obtain full time employment through this programme.

SERVOL keeps close to the world of work by staying in touch with employers and their needs through one-on-one contact as well as business seminars. These serve to ensure that our curriculum and training are continually adjusted to prepare the student for employment.