Adeltha Wilson

Deputy Executive Director

Jesseul Adeltha Wilson BA (Hons); MBA, joined the SERVOL family as an Accounts Clerk in November 1994. Her first assignment was to bring 4 years of outstanding accounts up to date for auditing which she accomplished in 12 months. Adeltha, as she is commonly known, has been a pioneer in the implementation of internal systems in the accounts department and throughout the organization over the years. In 1995/96 with the establishment of the IADB Hi Tech project and under the guidance of Mrs. Pat Mosca, Financial Manager, she spearheaded the transition of the accounts department from a manual to a fully computerized system. She was instrumental in the procurement, installation, implementation and training of the applicable accounting and payroll software. She also designed the internal accounting and fixed asset management systems which are still being used throughout the organization today, as well as spearheaded the networking of the department. In 1998 she was promoted to the position of Accountant and was awarded the distinction of being a ‘Member’ of SERVOL.
Adeltha resigned from the organization in 2001 to pursue full time ministry but this proved to be a premature move. As a clear directive from God, she returned to SERVOL in 2002 and was placed at the Beetham Life Centre as the Accounts Clerk. She continued her excellent work in transforming the accounts at the Beetham Centre with the installation of the in-house designed Student Tacking Accounting Management Programme (STAMP).
In 2005 she was transferred back to the accounts department and was promoted to Accounts Manager in 2010, a position she held until her recent promotion to Deputy Executive Director, in September 2018, (one of two persons appointed to this position). Adeltha’s contribution to the accounts department has been invaluable helping the department to successfully capture the Chairman’s Challenge Trophy for Excellence on two occasions. She is also a member of the Strategic Implementation Committee.
Adeltha holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) Degree in Accounting and Finance and an MBA – Executive Leadership, both from Anglia Ruskin University.
Her volunteer experiences include serving as Secretary and subsequently Chairman on the Credit Committee of the SERVOL Credit Union Co-operative Society, from it’s inception in May 2005 to 2011. She also serves as a Director on the boards of Valley of Decision Missions T&T and Fitly Framed.
Adeltha’s objective is to be an agent of attitudinal change, positively impacting her environment while giving herself in service to others.