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SERVOL’s Adolescent Development Programme (ADP) has achieved considerable success in helping to empower and encourage adolescents.  Over 44,000 young people have passed through this programme and have emerged with self-confidence and new hope for the future.  


The programme is designed to support learning by helping the student to become more focused.  It is currently administered in 12 Centres in Trinidad and caters to 25-30 trainees with assigned instructors who have followed an intensive Teacher Training Programme at SERVOL.  The ADP continues to be a very effective programme in giving young people the tools to become productive, caring and responsible citizens.​

A Servol instructor engages Junior Life students in a game of  checkers

The key objectives of this three-month programme are:


  • To develop self-understanding and a positive attitude in young people 16-23 years old 

  • To build self-esteem and develop a sense of confidence and hope for the future

  • To enhance numeracy and literacy skills

  • To prepare adolescents for skill training programmes by instilling positive values of hard work, discipline, cooperation and self-worth.

The ADP uses the S.P.I.C.E.S. curriculum which comprises of:


  • Spirituality – This seeks to help the trainees acquire a healthy concept of a Higher Power, greater than oneself.

  • Physical Education – To help them better understand and respect their bodies, especially to encourage more responsible sexual behavior and parenting decisions.

  • Intellectual Work – To enhance listening, reading, writing and computing skills.  

  • Creative Work – To instill self-confidence and boost self-esteem through hands-on craft, public speaking and rap sessions.  

  • Emotional Awareness – To assist adolescents with understanding and connecting with their feelings so as to help develop mature emotional expression. 

  • Social Awareness – to promote teamwork and encourage volunteerism with their community, for example: - elderly, handicapped, toddlers, etc. so as to:

- Prepare the adolescent for family life and parenting

- Develop greater social tolerance

- Give awareness of environmental issues

Junior Life students engaged in a game of checkers


ADP’s Rap Sessions


Rap Sessions are brief discussions held with a group of trainees to get their views and opinions on a specific topic which is selected either by trainees or Instructors.   The purpose of these sessions is to arm trainees with information that will allow them to make informed decisions and to freely express their opinions.

Contact Information:


Arima Regional Life Centre

Tel. No. 1 (868) 667-1481

Barataria Hi-Tech Centre

Tel. No: 1 (868) 675-2285


Beetham Life Centre

Tel. No. 1 (868) 225-8594


Chaguanas Regional Life Centre

Tel. No. 1 (868) 266-0878


Diego Martin Regional Life Centre

Tel. No. 1 (868) 637-2865


El Socorro Regional Life Centre

Tel. No. 1 (868) 674-7285

Forres Park Life Centre

Tel. No. 1 (868) 283-4768

La Romaine ADP

Tel. No. 1 (868) 361-6954


Pt. Fortin Life Centre           

Tel. No. 1 (868) 310-3271


St. Andrews Regional Life Centre

Sangre Grande

Tel. No. 1 (868) 223-0212

A Servol instructor lectures to Junior Life students at the Cascade centre

Nan Sheppard  leads a class for the Adolescent Development Programme at SERVOL's

Beetham Life Centre

We also provide certification for facilitators of the Adolescent Development Programme.  


Interested? Contact: 

Ms. Joanne Peters

Head – Training Department

SERVOL Life Centre

Phase 3, Beetham Gardens,

Beetham Highway

Tel. No: (868) 229-1094

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