In an effort to care for the differently-abled children in our communities, SERVOL opened a Special School in Port of Spain in 1974. This school caters for children between the ages of six to seventeen who have been diagnosed as autistic, differently-abled or slow learners. 

Reflective of the SERVOL model, our teachers are well trained to provide an atmosphere of love and support and, along with a vibrant Parent/Teachers Association many of the children from this school graduate to one of the SERVOL Adolescent Centres where they are taught a technical skill. 

In 2010, Servol inherited another Special School called 'Happy Venture" located in San Fernando to cater for the special needs of the children in South.


Contact Information:          


Servol Special School                             

#6A Calvary Hill                                       

Port of Spain                                             

(868) 624-0505   


Servol Happy Venture

#19 Marryat Street

San Fernando

(868) 652-2353