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Servol established a Special School in Port of Spain in 1974 to care for the differently-abled children in our communities.  Emphasizing giving children the love they demand and the mental and physical training they need.   The Happy Venture School was established in San Fernando in 2010.  Servol inherited this school and continued to work with children who have special needs.


The Sunshine Hill Special School along with the Happy Venture School are now joined together to meet the demanding need for care for our differently-abled children.  The present group of teachers are not only completely dedicated to their work but have achieved an ability to work together in complete harmony.


These Special Schools provide a program for children between the ages of five (5) to twenty-three (23) who are diagnosed with autistic, differently-abled, physical and/or speech delay, learning disabilities, Down’s syndrome, etc.  Our teachers are highly qualified in this field and are well trained to provide an atmosphere of love and support.  Classes are vibrant and filled with activities to encourage these children's learning, growth, and development.


Many of the children from these schools are equipped with the knowledge and ability

to be able to return to primary school and complete the SEA examination OR graduate

to one of the Servol Adolescent Centres where they can complete a technical skill.

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  • Build self-esteem and self-worth

  • Create emotional awareness

  • Improve literacy and numeracy

  • Social awareness



  • Academic Curriculum set by the Ministry of Education

  • Introduction to Computer Literacy

  • Basic Skill Training – Masonry, Woodwork, Sewing, Plumbing, Auto Mechanics

  • Life Skills – Rap sessions, Cooking, Gardening, Physical Education

  • Other Skills – Craft, Art, Music, Dance, Creative and intellectual Work


OTHER ACTIVITIES – Indoor and Outdoor

  • Games

  • Field trips

  • Gymnastics (once available)

  • Horseback riding (once available)

  • Any other activity that will encourage growth and development



#6 Calvary Hill
Port of Spain
(868) 624-0505

#19 Marryat Street
San Fernando
(868) 652-2353


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