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In our fifty-two 52 years of existence, we have amassed a wealth of historical, social, and cultural data, with specific regard to issues affecting disadvantaged people in society. In 2015, Fr Pantin's papers were incorporated into UNESCO's Memory of the World (MOWLAC) Programme as part of its Regional Register of Documentary Heritage of Latin America and the Caribbean. To conduct research on SERVOL, please contact our archivist at:

Email :​

Phone: 1 (868) 623-1632/0053

Address: 110-112 Oxford Street,

Port of Spain

Office Hours: 7:30am to 3:30pm


Explore our collection of books by Fr. Pantin, Sr. Montrichard and others about the Servol experience.

A Mole Cricket Called Servol
The Servol Village
Something to Say:
Servol Faces The Eighties
The Servol Life Centres
Servol Through The Years 1970 - 2001
Servol 1970-1974
Servol: Choose Your Skill Wisely
On The Right Track
Shaping Tomorrow
To Handle Life's Challenges
Scaling Up Jacob's Ladder
  • Tribute to Excellence

  • The Servol Experience - 25 Years of Servol

  • A Bridge Too Far

  • It's Only a Small Child

  • Jobs for the Poor

  • The Seeds of Violence

  • Igniting the Fires of Hope

  • Reaching for the Stars

  • "Igniting the Fires of Hope": The SERVOL Integrated Education and Early Childhood Program. Read more>>

  • Interviews with Father Pantin & Sister Ruth by Nic Paget-Clarke for In Motion Magazine (September 2004) Read more>>

  • SERVOL: A miracle a day by Donna Yawching | Caribbean Beat Issue 56 (July/August 2002). Read more>>

  • SERVOL through the Years, 1970-1993. Read more>>

  • The Desire for Excellence: How the instinct for change takes root in the community by Fr Gerard Pantin. Read more>>

  • The Right Livelihood Award for fostering spiritual values, co-operation and family responsibility in building society. Read more>>

  • UNESCO Profile: Adolescent Development Programme by Cynthia Guttman. Read more>>

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