Brief Description 

Trainees pursuing this skill would able to perform  

various beauty treatment to clients, such as: manicure, 

pedicure, may cut, comb, wave, colour or highlight  

customer’s hair / includes male cuts and styles. 

Job Title

Apprentice Hairdresser, Nail Technician, Barber,  Makeup Artist

Job title after further studies

Salon Manager, Esthetician, Special Effects Makeup Artist   

Where are the jobs ?

Entrepreneur / Salon Management   Retail Industry, 

Fashion Industry,  Media Industry
Training Centres

*El Socorro, *Arima, Diego Martin, *Forres Park 


Training Period

Three (3) Terms (ADP not included)
*Additional Training Institutions

Basic Computer Literacy


Advanced Training 

Indra’s Beauty Salon, Madam Maharaj,   School of Cosmetology  Distance Learning


Servol Trade Certificate, 

National Examination Council (NEC) 

Servol in conjunction with Sacha Cosmetics Ltd.  (Cosmetics)

Literacy Level 1 - 5  


Working Conditions



Physical Requirements

Good eyesight and ability to stand for long periods

Other Requirements

Creativity, sensitivity and pleasant personality.