Brief Course Description
Trainees from this skill erect and repair structures of stone, brick and other materials, examine drawingsto determine job requirements, mark and cut stone, spread mortar, level, align, and embed stone in mortar.

Job Title(s)

  • Bricklayer

  • Mason

  • Stone Mason

Where are the jobs?

  • Own your own business 

  • Retail industry e.g. Home Craft Trading Institute 

  • Manufacture industry e.g. E-Zee Lay Brick Ltd. 

  • Construction industry e.g. Emile Elias & Co. Ltd.

Training Centre 

Beetham Life Centre

Training Period 
Three (3) Terms


Servol, NEC

Literacy Level 

1 - 5

Working Conditions 

  • Dusty

  • Outdoors and Indoors

Physical Requirements 

  • Above average upper body strength

  • No Allergies or respiratory issues