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Brief Course Description

Trainees will learn to construct, design, install and repair wooden structures and fittings.  Examine drawings to determine job requirements; use hand and power tools to prepare wooden pieces and check the accuracy of work.

Job Titles

  • Carpenter

  • Joiner Apprentice


Job Titles after further studies

  • Carpenter 

  • Joiner

  • Contractor


Where are the jobs?

  • Entrepreneur

  • Retail industry 

  • Manufacture industry 

  • Construction industry 

Servol Training Centre

Beetham Life Centre

raining Period
Three (3) Terms (ADP not included)

Additional Training

Basic Computer Literacy

Advanced Training

  • National Energy Skills Centre (NESC)


  • Servol Trade Certificate

  • National Examination Council (NEC)

Literacy Level
2 - 5

Working Conditions

  • Indoors and Outdoors

  • Dusty/Noisy

Physical Requirements

  • Above average upper body strength

  • No allergies to dust and no respiratory issues.

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