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Computer Repairs



Brief Description


Trainees pursuing this skill will be taught to examine computer equipment to determine the nature of defects, use electronic testing equipment and software to diagnose faults, repair and replace faulty boards, reassemble and test for correct functioning. Trainees are also exposed to the basic concept of networking technology, and various methods of network troubleshooting and installation techniques.

Job Titles

  • Computer Service Technician Assistant

  • Computer Maintenance Technician Assistant

  • ICT Support Technician Assistant


Job title after further studies

  • Computer Service Technician

  • Programmer / Database Administrator

  • System Analyst

  • Network Administrator

  • IT Manager

  • Computer Maintenance Technician

Where are the jobs? 

  • Entrepreneur

  • Retail Industry

  • Repair Industry    

  • Assembly Industry 

  • All businesses using computers

 Servol Training Centre

Advanced Skills Training Centre (ASTC) - La Romaine

Training Period

Three (3) Terms (ADP not included) 


Pre requisite needed

  • Computer Literacy and or Basic Electronics 

Advanced Training 

  • College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago COSTAATT- Associate / Bachelor degrees    



  • Servol Trade Certificate

  • Electronics Technician Association (ETA) International


Literacy Level

3 - 5

Working Conditions 


Physical Requirements

  • Good eyesight

  • Average upper body strength

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