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In 1994, SERVOL approached the Inter-American Development Bank for a grant to set up three Hi-Tech Centres in Barataria, Chaguanas, and La Romaine.  Our aim was to provide an opportunity for young people to acquire skills in the field of computer technology.  As such, we cater to SERVOL trainees who have completed the Adolescent Development Programme and are interested in pursuing training in this area.

In 2012, a decision was made to discontinue the exclusive instruction of computer literacy at the Hi-Tech Centres and instead, introduce the programme into all of SERVOL’s centres.  A new programme, Digital Media Production was introduced at the Barataria High Tech Centre in 2017 in step with advancements in technology and new skill requirements in the job market.  This one-year programme offers training in Digital Literacy, Digital Graphics, and Digital Production.  

In 2018, the Digital Information and Graphic Technology programme was launched at the Fr. Gerry Pantin Life Centre in Point Fortin.  This one-year programme introduces students to Graphic Design, Computer Security and Privacy, Digital/Social Media Technology and Animation.

In addition, the programmes facilitate Enhancement Sessions to help prepare trainees for the world of work and Job Training.

Contact Information:

Barataria Hi-Tech Centre

# 22 Ninth Avenue–South


Tel. No: (868) 675-2285

Fr. Gerry Pantin Life Centre

Lot D-Julien Street, Striker Village, Point Fortin
Telephone: (868) 310-3271

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