Brief Course Description
Trainees from this skill can work in various areas. 

  • Front office: receiving guests at hotels and other establishments;

  • Dining and Bar: serving food and beverage;

  • Housekeeping and Laundry: cleaning and maintaining guest rooms and public areas;

  • Food Preparation: planning preparing and cooking food stuff.

Job Title(s) 
Chef, Waiter, Barman, Maid, Receptionist


Where are the jobs?

  • Your own business

  • Food Service industry e.g. Great Wall Restaurant Hotel,

  • Guest House e.g. KAPOK Hotel 

  • Cruise ship industry 

  • Casino industry

Training Period 
Four (4) Terms

Training Centres 

  • Regional Training & Resource Centre (RTRC)

  • La Romaine Hi-Tech


Additional Training 
Computer Literacy

Advanced Training

  • Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute 

Literacy Level 

3 - 5


  • Servol

  • Hilton

Working Conditions 
Indoors and outdoor activities, walking , lifting

Physical Requirements 

  • Strong legs,

  • Average upper body strength, Good posture, 

  • No Allergies,

  • No back problems