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Brief Course Description

Trainees are exposed to Electronics, Computer Technology, Robotics and Industrial Electronics theory and practical as it relates to the manufacturing/assembly process.

The programme covers Programmable Logic Controls and Industrial Electrical Technology.  They will also be able to design circuits, Ladder Logics and Programme PLCs

Job Title 

  • Industrial Technician Assistant

Job Title after further studies.

  • Industrial Technician

Where are the jobs?

  • Oil & Gas Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

Servol Training Centre 

Advanced Skills Training Centre (ASTC) - La Romaine

Training Period 
Five (5) Terms (ADP not included)


Additional Training 

  • Computer Literacy

  • Industrial Electrical Maintenance

Advanced Training

  • National Energy Skills Centre (NESC)

  • University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT)


  • Servol Trade Certificate

  • Electronic Technician Association International (ETA)

Literacy Level 

3 - 5

Working Conditions 
Mainly indoor

Physical Requirements 

  • Good eyesight,

  • Average upper body strength 

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