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Brief Course Description

Trainees pursuing this skill will be exposed to the hydroponics drip irrigation / recirculating system.  This course gives an understanding of quality soilless crop production in a controlled environment.

Job Title 

  • Apprentice Hydroponics Specialist

  • Grower

Job Title after further studies

  • Educator / Instructor

  • Hydroponics Specialist

  • Horticulturist

Where are the jobs?

  • Entrepreneur 

  • Retail Industry

  • Agricultural Industry

  • Educational / Agricultural Institutions

Servol Training Centres

Forres Park Life Centre

Training Period 
One (1) Terms (ADP not included)

Advanced Training

  • University of the West Indies (UWI)

  • MIC Institute of Technology (MIC-IT)


  • Servol Trade Certificate

  • National Examination Council (NEC)

Literacy Level 

1 - 5

Working Conditions 

  • ​Indoor/Outdoor 

Physical Requirement 

  • Above average body strength

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