Brief Course Description 
Trainees pursuing this skill will be exposed to electrical installation, maintaining and repairs to electrical wiring.  Examine wiring diagrams to determine sequence of operation, select, cut and lay wire and conduits which connect to sockets, plugs, etc. 


Job Titles 

  • Apprentice Electrician

Job Titles after further studies

  • Licensed Electrician

  • Contractor

  • Educator/Teacher

Where are the jobs? 

  • Retail industry 

  • Repair industry 

  • Construction industry

Servol Training Centres

  • Arima

  • Beetham

  • Chaguanas

  • Diego Martin

  • El Socorro

  • Forres Park

  • La Romaine

  • St. Andrews

Training Time 
Three (3) Terms (ADP not included)

Additional Training

Basic Computer Literacy

Advanced Training 


  • Servol Trade Certificate

  • National Examination Council (NEC)

  • Servol Advanced Electrical Installation Examination

Literacy Level 
3 - 5

Working Conditions 

  • Indoor and Outdoor 

Physical Requirements 

Good eyesight

Average upper body strength